2011 Volleyball European Championship – Women

bubamara100pxA special edition, dedicated to the 2011 Volleyball European Championship – Women, to be held in Belgrade and Zrenjanin, from September 23rd to October 2nd.

The assignments of line judges and scorers are given here.

Photo gallery:

Zrenjanin 25.09.2011.
Beograd 24.09.2011.
Beograd 25.09.2011.
Zrenjanin 24.09.2011.
Beograd 26.09.2011.
Zrenjanin 26.09.2011.
Beograd 29.09.2011.
Beograd 01.10.2011.
Beograd 02.10.2011.

UOSS volunteers

uoss105x50Every great sports competition has its heroes. Usually, those heroes are athletes that mark the competition with their moves. But in the background of every huge event, there is an army of people, who make the big sports festivals possible. Apart from all the officials, technical staff, organizers and others who make the functioning of big events possible, volunteers play a very important role. Volunteers take part in every volleyball competition in Serbia, and the members of Association of Serbian Volleyball Referees (serbian abbr.: UOSS) are always the vast majority of them.


Line judges and scorers at the European Championship – girls only!

logo_1_transpAt the upcoming European Championship in Serbia, which will be held in Belgrade and Zrenjanin, our referee organization will be represented for the first time only by female colleagues. Apart from their  indisputable expertise, they have charm at their side, too. Our organization has once again performed pioneering work and we are assured that our female colleagues will fully justify given trust.

It is our pleasure to present them:


International referees at the European Championship

cev16 international referees are appointed for the 2011 Volleyball European Championship – Women, to be held from September 23rd to October 2nd. In the preliminary pool competition, 4 referees are assigned for each pool. The schedule of the nominations of international referees is given in the table.

Our referee organization will be represented by Zorica Bjelic, FIVB referee, whose preliminary assignment is in the pool D, in the Italian town of Busto Artizio. The detailed information about the international referees are given here.